The Aurora Driver—The autonomous driver for every journey

The Aurora Driver—The autonomous driver for every journey

Technology that transforms transportation

Aurora is building the technology to transform how goods and people move across our roads. We’re paving the way for a future where autonomous driving technology can save lives, help logistics fleets scale to meet ever-increasing demand, and make our supply chain smoother for customers, businesses, and the carriers and fleets that connect them.

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  • Every year, 40,000 people lose their lives on America’s roads. Autonomous cars and trucks can reduce crashes and save lives. Unlike humans, they never get tired or distracted, and they’re better at seeing everything in their path.

    aurora self-driving car on street

Designed for all vehicles

The Aurora Driver is built with a common core of technology which includes hardware, software, infrastructure, and data services designed to operate a broad set of vehicle types, from a class-8 truck to a passenger sedan.

  • 360° View—powerfully designed perception

    Our custom-designed sensor suite contains powerful high-resolution cameras, long-range imaging radar, and our proprietary FirstLight Lidar. Because FirstLight is engineered to accurately detect the velocity of moving objects and people and see more than twice the distance of even the most advanced conventional lidar systems, our vehicles can travel safely at highway speeds. 

  • Stronger with simulation

    Simulation testing drives the development of the Aurora Driver. We run millions of simulations every day in our industry-leading virtual testing suite, allowing us to expose the Aurora Driver to rare scenarios and safely test its ability to handle them.

Aurora Horizon and Aurora Connect autonomous vehicles
  • Building the Aurora Driver for transferability

    Because we’re building the Aurora Driver to operate both trucks and passenger vehicles, advances made in either vehicle type directly benefit the other. For example, the same high-speed driving capabilities that allow our trucks to operate on highways will also benefit ride-hailing customers traveling on popular, high-speed trips to and from the airport.

See the Aurora Driver in Action

We are constantly training, testing, and releasing new capabilities essential to building the Aurora Driver for commercial use. Here are a few of the latest:

A Texas U-Turn (aka Texas Boomerang or Texas Turnaround) connects opposing-direction one-way frontage roads off of a highway, allowing vehicles to turn around. It’s critical for theAurora Driver to handle these turns as it travels back and forth on Texas highways, hauling goods.

We have all had similar experiences where we’ve had to make split-second decisions about how to adjust our driving. Here, the Aurora Driver recognizes that another vehicle is now occupying the space and safely returns to its lane, ultimately executing the lane change once it can safely do so.

Long downhill grades can be challenging to navigate, even for the most experienced drivers. Check out how the Aurora Driver autonomously applies engine brakes to descend the hill on our Dallas to El Paso route — making it safer for all drivers on the road

Delivering self-driving with the world’s top transportation companies

We've partnered with suppliers and freight companies to put autonomous trucks and cars on the map. We're working with PACCAR, FedEx, Uber, Werner, Schneider, and Volvo Trucks—and our ecosystem continues to grow.

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We recently announced the expansion of our autonomous linehaul pilot with Aurora and we look forward to our continued work together as we test the integration of autonomous technology into our operations.

- Rebecca Yeung, Corporate Vice President, Operations Science & Advanced Technology, FedEx Corporation

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