The Aurora Driver, delivering the benefits of self-driving to the world

The Aurora Driver, delivering the benefits of self-driving to the world

A smarter approach to self-driving

Aurora was started by industry luminaries with a vision to safely accelerate the adoption of self-driving technology. We’re building the next-generation of self-driving with powerful, independent, and robust technology—the Aurora Driver—at its core. Through an ecosystem of partners across the transportation industry, we’ll deliver the benefits of self-driving technology broadly.

“Paccar and Volvo are two of the big four truck manufacturers in the world, with a combined market share in the US of more than 50 percent. Partnering with both underscores that Aurora is now a big force in driverless trucking, where it expects to have its first commercial product.”


Driven to transform how goods and people move

With a team of unparalleled depth and expertise, Aurora is building the technology, product, and partnerships to build a business that transforms how goods and people move through the world. Success means doing a few things differently:

  • Motivated by what matters most

    Self-driving technology will change the world, most importantly by saving lives. The Aurora Driver has the ability to radically transform our future—increasing safety, improving lives, expanding access to transportation, and transforming the logistics industry.

  • Focus on what we do best

    Building the best self-driving technology is our entire business, and our approach is founded on moving quickly and safely. We’re fully committed to creating the future we envision around our technology and our terms.

  • Make strategic investments for the long haul

    We’re building a business that will serve an enormous transportation market. How we build our technology and who we partner with is determined around optimizing for a scalable commercial product that we can deliver to the world.

    Through our Driver as a Service model and strategic partnerships, we can rapidly scale across trucking, ride-hailing, and local goods delivery.

  • Deliver value with and to our partners

    We partner with an ecosystem of logistics providers, ridesharing networks, vehicle manufacturers, and fleet management companies. Together, we are accelerating the commercialization of self-driving technology to strengthen their businesses and make the movement of goods and people safer and more efficient.

  • Practice a culture of safety

    Safety is our first priority. It is top of mind in everything we do, from the people we hire, to our development and decision-making process, to the Aurora Driver. Safety is the foundation of our company culture.

Building autonomous technology is a vastly different game and Aurora has put together a technical team second to none to solve it at scale. The real magic will happen when we plug the Aurora Driver on our global network and people can hail a ride with a human driver or a virtual one.


Technology to transform mobility

We’re building the Aurora Driver to save lives, get crucial goods where they need to go, and make mobility more efficient and accessible for all.

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  • Over a million people lose their lives on the world’s roadways every year due to traffic accidents. We’ll help by replacing error-prone human drivers with technology that never gets tired or distracted.

Next-generation self-driving development

Aurora’s technology was built from the ground up by a uniquely experienced team. Our approach to development enables safer self-driving, more rapid development, and broader expansion of the technology across vehicle platforms, use cases, and geographies than any of our competitors. 

Our approach to accelerating self-driving development means that we:

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  • Our industry-leading sensor suite, including FirstLight Lidar, can see farther, measure faster, and scale better than other systems on the road.

Be part of a team you’re proud of

Our values are more than lip service. They define who we are, set the tone for how we work as a team, and guide us through important decisions. At Aurora, we operate with integrity, set outrageous goals, and continue to build a culture where we win together—all without any jerks.