Aurora Horizon—A safer and more reliable way to move goods

Aurora Horizon—A safer and more reliable way to move goods

Bettering business with self-driving trucks

Aurora Horizon is designed to unlock tremendous value for carriers and fleet owners and enable safer, more efficient, and more reliable supply chains.

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  • Self-driving trucks can reduce crashes and save lives with technology that never gets tired or distracted.

Progress with partners

To unlock the full potential of our self-driving technology, we're building a self-driving ecosystem, and partnering with some of the world's leading automakers and transportation companies.

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  • Aurora is partnering with PACCAR, one of the largest manufacturers of class-8 heavy-duty trucks, to develop deeply integrated autonomous trucks that meet the exacting requirements of the Aurora Driver.

    Aurora autonomous truck

A full-service self-driving system

A subscription to Aurora Horizon includes the best technology, operations, and support in the industry. Available to carriers and private fleets, Aurora Horizon makes having a self-driving fleet simple.

The Aurora Driver includes the hardware, software, data services, and updates needed to keep self-driving trucks running smoothly.

Our mission control system, Aurora Beacon will work in tandem with current tools to streamline operations and to maximize uptime and efficiency of self-driving fleets.

24/7 customer support to keep trucks on track. Customers will be able to pick the level of roadside assistance, hardware support, and vehicle maintenance that’s right for you. We’ll be waiting to help.

How Aurora Horizon will work

An autonomous Aurora Driver that’s safe, powerful, and constantly learning is just the first step. When you subscribe to Aurora Horizon, you will get access to a suite of services built to ensure that trucks powered by the Aurora Driver stay moving, deliver goods on-time, and easily integrate with your existing fleet operations. Here’s how it works.

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  • Talking terminals

    We’re launching with a terminal-to-terminal network, allowing us to provide the Aurora Driver to our customers in the most strategic locations first, based on freight volume. A typical terminal will also include truck and trailer inspection, fueling, and maintenance services. Aurora Horizon carriers will shuttle trailers to and from terminal locations.

Let’s get moving together.

The Aurora Driver is actively pulling loads for pilot customers.

Intelligent expansion

In 2021, we set our deployment plan into action. Aurora-Driver-powered autonomous trucks are on the road in Texas and we plan to expand into the sunbelt and beyond soon.