On a mission to deliver the benefits of self-driving—safely, quickly, and broadly

Aurora Autonomous Trucks and Vehicles

Leading the movement

Where we’re headed

We see a clear path to the driverless future,and we’re committed to sharing our progress along this journey. We’ve introduced the industry’s first Safety Case Framework and our Product Roadmap, which outlines our path to commercialization.

Autonomous trucking and robotaxi services offer an opportunity to make transportation safer, smarter, and more accessible. At Aurora, we are committed to delivering these benefits safely, quickly and broadly.

That means we prioritize long-term success over quick wins, incorporate proven industry best practices, and leverage our decades of engineering, science, and domain experience to better reach important milestones that move us towards the future of transportation.

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Aurora Product Roadmap

Our values

  • Operate with integrity

    We do the right thing. We are thoughtful and use good judgment. We always keep the best interest of our people and our mission at the forefront of how we work.

  • Focus for impact

    We create space to solve problems that matter. We don’t have time for distractions, so we work with urgency and focus on the work that will accelerate our progress towards our mission and strengthen our company.

  • No jerks

    We work from the assumption that people are good, fair, and honest and that the intention behind their actions is positive. We are intentional in how we communicate and interact, and we hold each other accountable.

  • Celebrate our diversity

    Inviting and including diverse perspectives and experiences make us stronger as a team and help us better represent the world we live in. We are building a technology and a company to serve all people and all communities.

  • Rise to the occasion

    We’re charting a path that is challenging, yet filled with an incredible opportunity to impact generations to come. This is not an easy task — it takes resilience, hard work and dedication. Embracing the hard stuff energizes and inspires us to continue. We rally to deliver on our commitments to our partners and each other.

  • Win together

    We are a stronger team when we elevate our unique strengths in service of our common goals. We thrive on open and honest communication to create an environment of mutual accountability, understanding, achievement, and respect.

Be part of a team you’re proud of

Act with integrity. Set big goals — and surpass them. Work together to win. Prioritize diversity. These are a few of our values. If they sound like yours, and you want to build technology that will change the world, let’s talk.