Our Mission

To deliver the benefits of self-driving technology safely, quickly, and broadly

Aurora values

At Aurora, we believe how you do something matters as much as what you do.

Operate with integrity

We do the right thing even if it delays us or makes us less money.

Be reasonable

We embody the "reasonable person principle". We expect one another to use good judgment with the best interests of the company and our partners in mind.

No jerks

We debate and solve hard technical problems. We don’t waste time battling over personalities and egos and we have no tolerance for time-wasters and nonsense.


We’re solving one of the most challenging problems of our generation. We get there by cultivating a culture of depth, focus and rigorous engineering.

Set outrageous goals

We set goals that are outrageous because they require us to focus and make sacrifices. We make tradeoffs to set and reach milestones along the way that make each goal attainable, not unreasonable. We make more progress by achieving 70% of the outrageous than by achieving 100% of the average.

Win together

We are building a company, and in turn technology, to serve people and communities broadly. We derive strength from the unique perspectives and experiences that reflect the diversity of the world we live in. To benefit from this diversity, we seek to listen as often as we speak and challenge each other to think and act in new ways.

Aurora team facts



Collective self-driving development experience



Software development experience


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Ethan Headshot
Localization Engineer

“Clarity of purpose, experienced co-workers, and a focus on delivering drives me to do my best work.”

Asta Headshot
Perception Engineer

“The first time I watched an Aurora vehicle drive itself, I felt thrilled — we are going to change people’s lives! Aurora is an adventure, and the weeks fly by as we advance in solving one of the biggest challenges in robotics and transportation.”

Cam Headshot
Hardware Engineer

“The team is packed with experience, allowing us to solve challenging problems confidently and move extremely quickly towards our goal of creating a flexible, self-driving platform that can be implemented easily by our partners.”

Elise Headshot
Vehicle Operator

“Our team of vehicle operators all share a commitment to safety. With our diverse backgrounds and variety of experience, we bring a safer, more robust, and well-rounded approach to testing. I’m excited to come to work everyday knowing that my feedback is valued and my work is helping Aurora make a positive impact on society.”


Current Openings

Aurora is looking for people to help build the self-driving technology that will improve and save lives.