The Aurora Driver

The Aurora Driver is a self-driving system designed to operate everything from people-moving sedans to goods-moving trucks.

Aurora Horizon—Built to move goods

Unlocking tremendous value for fleet owners

Aurora Horizon is an autonomous driving service designed for carriers and private fleets. Anchored in industry-leading technology and deep partnerships with leading truck manufacturers, we expect Aurora Horizon will improve our partners’ operations in several key ways:

Infolist Items

Infolist Items

  • Autonomous trucks will reduce crashes and save lives.

Since we partnered with Aurora, we’ve been impressed with our progress toward commercializing self-driving trucks and look forward to offering the Aurora Driver to our customers in the years to come.

- Preston Feight, CEO of PACCAR

How it works

Aurora Horizon will be available to carriers and private fleets, who can “hire” it as a service. This “driver-as-a-service” will be available as a subscription on trucks provided by our OEM partners. The process is straightforward: secure a truck, subscribe to Aurora Horizon, and begin moving goods with a scalable service designed to integrate with your network.

  • Secure a truck

  • Subscribe to Aurora Horizon

  • Get moving

What’s included:

  • Aurora Driver

    Aurora Driver

    Every Aurora-powered truck will come equipped with the software, hardware, and data services required to integrate it with and operate it in your fleet. Safety, reliability, and efficiency are paramount; to sustain them, every subscription will include support for critical software and map updates.

  • Aurora Beacon

    Aurora Beacon

    Our mission control system will be designed to integrate with your existing transportation management system to enable efficient dispatch, route monitoring, and scheduling for your vehicles. Beacon will constantly monitor the health of the truck and situations on the road. If it detects a problem or an unexpected signal from either, it will automatically alert one of our remote specialists, who can review what’s happening and get the truck back on track.

  • Aurora Shield

    Aurora Shield

    We’re focused on ensuring peace of mind, maximum uptime, and efficient asset utilization of your fleet. Aurora Shield will supplement the Aurora Driver and your operations with roadside assistance, extended hardware support, and vehicle service and maintenance packages.

Let's get moving together

The‌ ‌Aurora‌ ‌Driver‌ ‌is‌ ‌actively‌ ‌pulling‌ ‌loads‌ ‌for‌ ‌pilot‌ ‌customers.

Coming to a road near you...Aurora Connect

Transforming how we move

Ride-hailing adoption has grown exponentially over the past decade. By 2030, it’s projected that 90% of Americans will have requested a ride via an app.  We believe that advancements in self-driving technology will democratize access to mobility by lowering costs and expanding ride-hailing into more passenger mobility use cases. When our autonomous ride-hailing business launches, we expect it to transform mobility by dramatically improving:

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  • Autonomous vehicles will reduce crashes and save lives.

An optimized product offering informed by unique access to Uber data

We are building the Aurora Driver to offer rides through ride-hailing networks. Our strategic partnership with Uber and unique access to its data is allowing us to not only design a product that mobility customers will love, but also strategically deploy it in the right places to enable high uptime and short wait times.

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  • Detailed marketplace data combined with regulatory understanding  is enabling us to select the best cities and markets to debut.

Building autonomous technology is a vastly different game and Aurora has put together a technical team second to none to solve it at scale. The real magic will happen when we plug the Aurora Driver on our global network and people can hail a ride with a human driver or a virtual one.


Delivering mobility for all with Toyota

We have committed long-term partnerships with Toyota and Denso—the top global OEM and Tier 1 supplier respectively—to create mobility for all by building self-driving passenger vehicles at scale that will move people safely and responsibly. 

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Our respect for Aurora’s team, business approach, and autonomous driving technology inspired us to work together. Combining Toyota’s experience with Aurora’s industry-leading technology will accelerate the commercialization of autonomous ride-hailing services to help people move safely and responsibly. Together, Toyota and Aurora are building the next-generation ride-hailing experience.

- Masa Nakashima, VP Toyota North America