A safer way to move people

For so many of us, our roads and the vehicles we drive on them embody the promise of independence—deliver on the idea that we can go anywhere and do anything. But for millions of people, that promise is out of reach. We are building the Aurora Driver to offer rides through ride-hailing networks, making getting around easier and more enjoyable for everyone. With robotaxis on the road, consumers will pay less for a better transportation experience.

Driving positive change for passengers

  • Increased safety

    Autonomous vehicles can significantly reduce crashes. This keeps our roads safer for passengers and pedestrians alike.

  • Accessibility for all

    With a reliable supply of autonomous ride-hailing vehicles, everyone will be able to more easily get where they need to go, including those who aren’t able to drive.

  • A better way to ride

    Comfortable, personalized, and prompt, the Aurora Driver is designed to eliminate the stress of driving and transform your commute to work, the airport, or anywhere else you need to go into an enjoyable experience.

We’re proud to partner with Toyota and Uber, the top global automaker and the largest mobility-as-a-service provider, respectively, to perfect the design and deployment of robotaxis.

Better together

  • An optimized product informed by strategic market data with Uber

    Our strategic partnership with Uber and unique access to its market data allows us to not only design a product that customers will love, but also strategically deploy it in the right places to meet demand.

  • Delivering mobility for all with Toyota

    We have a committed long-term partnership with Toyota to create mobility for all by building vehicles custom-designed for autonomous ride-hailing to safely, comfortably, and quickly move people wherever they need to go.

What does it take to build a common Aurora Driver that can operate both trucks and cars and transform how goods and people move across our roads? Hear from our team on why we’re building the Aurora Driver for transferability and how our approach unlocks challenging highway driving capabilities for our fleet of Toyota Siennas, like driving at high speeds.

Be part of a team you’re proud of

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