Putting safety first

Safety matters

  • Over 1 million people

    are killed in road traffic crashes worldwide

  • Nearly 40,000

    Americans die on American roadways annually

  • Almost 100 people each day

    die in car-related crashes in the united states alone

  • Half a million

    crashes involving large trucks are reported each year in the US

Our Safety Case Framework

What is considered acceptably safe in the self-driving industry?

To evaluate and demonstrate the safety of Aurora Driver-powered vehicles, we have published the industry’s first Safety Case Framework for autonomous trucks and passenger vehicles. 

Aurora’s Safety Case Framework is a structured argument composed of hundreds of claims covering the safety of our organization, operations, products, and the development of our technology. 

These claims serve as governing principles and reflect our organizational and operational safety approach, ensuring that safety and integrity are prioritized in our beliefs, behaviors, and decisions.

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Our promise

We are committed to developing and deploying transformational self-driving technology safely.

Aurora is committed to developing and deploying transformational self-driving technology safely.

Our safety culture

A strong safety culture empowers and motivates employees to make safety the foundation of everything they do. We provide our team with resources to understand safety in different contexts and tools to speak up about concerns.

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  • The purpose of an SMS is to provide the frameworks, policies, and processes that enable an organization to manage safety risk. The Aurora SMS approaches safety holistically by creating tailored programs that focus on our development, operations, and organization. Implementation of key safety risk management, safety assurance, and safety policies ensure accountability and transparency for the safety decisions and actions of our teams.

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Our safety partners

We are determined to raise the standard for safety in self-driving, and in doing so, we intend to push the entire autonomous vehicles industry forward. This requires transparency and collaboration, and we are proud to work alongside other industry leaders to drive the safe development and deployment of this transformational technology.

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  • Our SAB is composed of renowned safety experts from fields including aviation, trucking, insurance, emergency and trauma medicine, automotive safety, and academia. These industry thought leaders offer an external perspective on managing and mitigating safety risks.

Voluntary Safety Self-Assessment

As encouraged by the U.S. Department of Transportation and its National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), our Voluntary Safety Self-Assessment describes our safety approach, processes, and practices in detail.

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  • Aurora Safety Case Framework

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