Aurora Voluntary Safety Self-Assessment

Self-driving technology offers an incredible opportunity to save lives, increase safety and efficiency on our roads, and make it less expensive, more accessible, and generally easier to get around. Someday soon you and your goods will be transported by the Aurora Driver. For you to trust us we need to help you understand why we’re worthy of that trust, how the technology works, and why it’s safe. This Voluntary Safety Self-Assessment is not only intended to fulfill the suggested requirements of the U.S. Department of Transportation and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. We also wrote it to further inform the public why self-driving vehicles are important to our future, how Aurora is building the technology that will safely drive these vehicles, and what to expect as it all becomes part of our daily lives. We’re excited about the potential self-driving technology has to improve safety on our roads — and we hope that once you’ve learned about our approach, you are, too.

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